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Prior to co-founding ADAM AMERICA Real Estate Group, Isaac Cohen-Hoshen was the co-founder of ADAMA Holding Public LTD. He has been focused on real estate investment management and development in Germany, France, Israel, Romania and the United States throughout his career.

Mr. Cohen-Hoshen is the Managing Director for all European activities. He is a former engineer at the international defense contractor Rafael and graduated from the Technion Institute of Engineering and Business Management University of Haifa.

Yair Cohen-Hoshen



From the beginning, Mr. Cohen-Hoshen has been committed to delivering quality, value and beauty. This passion started with his international work experience at the real estate development company ADAM AMERICA where he was Head of Marketing of the group.

In 2018, he moved to Berlin to focus on the German residential and office markets, bringing his expertise from one of the top markets in the world. Today, as the CEO, Mr. Cohen-Hoshen is involved in all aspects of ADAM EUROPE’s development – from acquisitions, finance, development, design and execution to marketing and sales.

Mr. Cohen-Hoshen holds a BA in Business Administration Major with a focus on Finance from the Interdisciplinary Center in Hertzeliah, Israel.

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